Are You Prepared For The Holiday Season?

This time of year is a wonderful time where families and friends start to come together to celebrate the holidays and prepare for the Christmas period. It is also the time of year where many workplaces have start Christmas drinks and hospitality venues enjoy increased trade from Christmas parties and various get togethers.

To help ensure that “Christmas Time” doesn’t become “Christmas Crime” we have outlined some security tips for the workplace and at home for you to review:

  • According to the Centre for Retail Research, there is an approximate 20% increase in shoplifting over the Christmas period, so our security measures need to be stepped up.
  • Conduct a “security walk-around” and check all external lighting, doors and locks and trim back any trees that block clear sight lines across the venue.
  • The best way to improve security onsite is to provide excellent customer service with direct eye contact and to remain alert and vigilant at all times. Heightened security awareness goes a long way.
  • Now would be a great time for a quick catch up with Local Police to discuss any local crime trends and identify any local repeat offenders.
  • Be extra alert during the two “30 Minute Danger Zones”. The 30 minutes just after opening and the 30 minutes just before closing.
  • At home, don’t leave out any boxes from expensive items such as TV’s, computers or stereos, as they are great signals for potential burglars. Break them up and ide them under other rubbish items.
  • Also at home, if you are going on holidays, make sure you put an automatic timer on internal lights and cancel your newspaper so they don’t pile up.
  • Effective communication and proactive intoxication management is paramount to ensure we maintain a happy and safe environment onsite.
  • Don’t hide spare keys in flowerpots, under mats or above door ledges. Burglars know to look in these areas.
  • At home, don’t leave an answering machine message that says “you have reached XYZ, we are away on holidays”. Burglars love hearing they don’t have to rush.
  • If you are leaving your car in a long-term car park while away on a Xmas break, don’t leave your garage door opener, registration or insurance papers in your car as that ideal information for burglars.


Our sizeable reinvestment into our personnel for additional training directly translates into higher service provision and loyalty.