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EPS Chauffeur can provide you with the right driver for your luxury car on those occasions when you require someone else to take the wheel.

Whether it’s for the short term or a more permanent arrangement, we will find the driver to match your car, but also meet your specific needs.

Our drivers take pride in their own appearance as well as in the manner they maintain the vehicles they drive.

We are meticulous in the manner we select drivers for our clients and guarantee that all EPS Chauffeurs have the temperament, skill, care and discretion to take the wheel for you.

But they are more than just drivers.

They also provide Personal Protection services including:

  • Guarding the safety of individuals and groups
  • Discreetly meeting individual, insurance and/or contractual requirements
  • Controlling all surroundings to ensure any potential threat is managed
  • Extricating our client quickly and safely in the event of an incident or likelihood thereof
  • Working with third-party security teams to localise the protection of our client, based on knowledge, experience and reconnaissance prior to their arrival
  • Positioning guards between our client and any threat of danger
  • Travelling locally, nationally or abroad ensuring continuity of client protection
Right Driver For Your Luxury Car
Temperament, skill, care and discretion

Personal Protection Officers (once known as bodyguards) are a vital component of private security. We provide only the most experienced personnel to our very select clientele. Our officers, armed or unarmed, are highly trained and capable of managing risk.

EPS prides itself as a leader in this area of specialised expertise, protecting celebrities, sports people, public figures, high net-worth individuals and others requiring peace of mind.

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Our sizeable reinvestment into our personnel for additional training directly translates into higher service provision and loyalty.